Why Buy a Fishing Log?

Fish Like a Pro

Fishing Log Book makes it simple for you to keep track of vital information and better prepare you for your outings. This means less time finding fish and more time catching them.

Easy to Use

Fishing Log Book was designed for quick, easy, and accurate documentation of all of the information associated with a given catch or trip so you can spend less time writing, and more time catching fish.

Track Conditions

Fishing Log Book lets you log conditions of your outings. Keep track of everything from water temperature to moon phases so you know what bites under the given circumstances.

Record Catches

Fishing Log Book gives you the ability to log the fish that you catch by species so you know exactly what to use the next time you head to one of your favorite fishing spots.


Featured Products
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    “Low Rent” Fish Print

    This item is one of our personal favorites! Titled "Low Rent", Martin Gembecki created a highly detailed watercolor illustration just for our use at Fishing Log Book. Featuring fish from Southwest Florida's rich waters, this artwork is sure to catch the eye of anyone that walks past. Also, know that if you purchase one of our fishing logs this print comes included at absolutely no cost to you.

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    Solunar Calendar Download (Sunset Edition)

    This solunar calendar features pictures of sunsets from Florida to Canada and offers 12 months worth of solunar information via instant download from our website. This calendar includes the major moon phases as well as optimal fishing times for each day. $1.95 is a small price to pay for a year's worth of vital fishing information.

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    Fishing Log

    Fishing Log Book, "your mental tackle box" The ultimate fishing log. Easily track and record your catch, tides, water temperature, moon phases, weather conditions, barometric pressure, water clarity and much more. The innovative cross reference section allows you to record your catch by species. Also included within the log are maintenance logs, tournament logs, and fuel logs. Also Included with Log Purchase: - "Low Rent" Fish Print - Choice of Solunar Calendar Download